Aikido Pants

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Drawstring waistband pants: 118 CHF – Elastic waistband pants: 120 CHF
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The sustainable aikido pants: with double lining from above the knees downwards for smooth suwariwaza. You can select drawstring or elastic waistband. Carefully designed with a lot of love for details. (read more)


These pants are made from light but high quality twill. All creamy white for a premium appearance and a high fabric quality. No shrinkage. Made from organic cotton & fairtrade, made in Europe.


Our size system takes into account your body height and also your body shape. You don’t need to fit into your dogi, your dogi shall fit to you.

We offer different dogi sizes for a perfect fit

sizes 160 cm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm
slim 160 cm slim 170 cm slim 180 cm slim
medium 160 cm medium 170 cm medium 180 cm medium 190 cm medium
large 170 cm large 180 cm large 190 cm large

How to select your size

Select the body size and body shape that is the closest to yours.  If a uniform usually fits well, you can go for a medium size. Pants length is perfect for practitioners wearing no hakama. If you wear a hakama, you might prefer shorter pants: simply select a shorter size. Fabric shrinkage is taken into account, you don’t need to select a larger size than yours.

If you are not sure which one to select, you can proceed in three ways:

1. Compare the measures of your current dogi with ours

2. Measure your body circumference

3. Let us know – We are happy to help you


1. Compare the measures of your current dogi with ours

Our pants measures

measures pants lenght pants width
160 cm slim 83 cm 50 cm
160 cm medium 84 cm 54 cm
170 cm slim 93 cm 50 cm
170 cm medium 94 cm 54 cm
170 cm large 95 cm 58 cm
180 cm slim 99 cm 50 cm
180 cm medium 100 cm 54 cm
180 cm large 101 cm 58 cm


2. Measure your body circumference

Measure your largest body circumference (around your waist or your hips. Ideally, ask a friend to measure you. If you have no measuring tape, you can use your aikido belt and measure the length with a ruler). Now, make folllowing little math exercise:


(your max. body circumference +6 cm) /2 = ….


The result is your (minimal) pants/jacket width.

For example, if your hips are 94cm. 94+6=100. 100/2=50. You can go for size 170 cm slim. To fit under your hakama, choose a 160 cm slim.


3. Let us know – We are happy to help you

If you are still not sure or don’t have the time right now, don’t hesitate to simply select any size that could fit, proceed with your order and write an order note (there is an opportunity after entering your address). We will be happy to contact you at a later point in time and help you to chose the right size. Please contact us before ordering if you are not sure that any size will fit.



Our stock is in Switzerland. We ship once weekly on Mondays to clients in Switzerland (PostPac Economy). If you need urgent delivery, please write us a whatsapp (076 760 65 25).



The uniforms are shipped from Switzerland.

We offer following shipping options

type price comment
shipping to Switzerland 10 CHF Free shipping for orders over 250 CHF.
shipping to EU countries 40 CHF + toll & taxes Too expensive, right? Please contact me.
Rest of the world No shipping


Any further question?

We are happy to help you and answer any of your question. We are happy to provide guidance in English, French and German. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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