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MISOGI DOGI is the project of a team of passionate martial art practitioners from Switzerland. Aikido practitioner and sustainability expert Lucile Barras started an ongoing journey to discover ways to create an aikido-gi fully in line with the budo spirit of purity and respect. Her adventure has led her to making plenty of exciting discoveries on a wide range of topics such as O-Sensei’s spiritual teachings and the world of textiles. She has explored a new creative design, visited cotton mills and manufacturers, listened to the experience and ideas of many fellow aikidoka and teachers… there is still a lot to discover.

Together with European karate champion Marko Marffy, we have also developed karate uniforms in line with our philosophy. And thanks to our aikido fellow and creative director David Oreiro, you can enjoy beautiful graphics, pictures and films on this website and our further communication material. Jascha Barras joined the team as invaluable support of daily business.

MISOGI DOGI has delivered an initial batch of 200 uniforms by summer 2018 after a successful preorder campaign in winter 2016/17. However setting up a new business is an adventure full of surprises. Our plans have often been delayed and are getting delayed again. We accept this as another form of misogi. – Thank you for your patience.

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According to aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, misogi is at the heart of aikido. Misogi is a Shinto purification practice opening the path to inner and universal harmony.

We believe the budo spirit is meant to be applied beyond the tatami, encompassing all human relationships and our impact on the environment. MISOGI DOGI’s first project is to develop pure uniforms.

These will be made with respect for the environment and workers: made from organic cotton and made fair-trade in Europe. Soon, you can wear MISOGI DOGI uniforms and fully immerse yourself in budo spirit.

Create each day anew by clothing yourself with Heaven and Earth,
bathing yourself with Wisdom and Love,
and placing yourself in the Heart of Mother Nature.

Ueshiba Morihei


At the Heart of Aikido

To Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, misogi was at the heart of aikido. Misogi is an ancient Japanese practice that is focused on purification. Its purpose is to cleanse you of all accumulated defilements. By doing so, you can reestablish a harmonious relationship with yourself and everything around you.

A misogi ritual can be performed in different ways: The approach that is best known, is misogi through exposing the body to ice-cold water. A person typically immerses him or herself in a lake, waterfall or the sea. In Japan every year many people take pilgrimages to sacred bodies of water to perform misogi. Other forms consist of chanting and misogi jo, or cleaning the inner organs and mind with deep, regenerating breaths.

After performing misogi properly, you enter sumikiri – a state of pure clarity of body and mind. It is said that in this condition your heart is as bright and clear as a cloudless sky, untainted by obstructive thoughts or worldly concerns.

To Morihei Ueshiba, purifying body and spirit is part of the Way of Harmony and helps aikido students to establish harmonious ways of being, to develop one’s Ki, as well as to achieve peace and calmness within. He put it this way:

Misogi is a washing away of all defilements, a removal of all obstacles, a separation from disorder, an abstention from negative thought, a radiant state of unadorned purity, the accomplishment of all things, a condition of lofty virtue, and a spotless environment. In misogi one returns to the very beginning, where there is no differentiation between oneself and the universe.

Morihei Ueshiba

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The following 6 principles guide our action

Quality & Design
MISOGI DOGI uniforms are meeting highest quality standards to ensure a long-lasting durability and comfortable fit.
Organic & Healthy
MISOGI DOGI uniforms are organic: made from natural resources, without hazardous chemicals, for a sound environment and good health.
Fair Trade
MISOGI DOGI puts a special emphasis on fair labour conditions all along the supply chain.
Climate Friendly
MISOGI DOGI strives at minimizing its carbon emissions effectively and efficiently. The first step is already done: this website and our offices are running on renewable energies.
Every product has a history. MISOGI DOGI strives for transparency about the origin and production methods of all its products.
MISOGI DOGI is a European brand founded by budo practitioners for budo practitioners. We invite you to an open exchange of ideas and feedback.

These are the goals and principles that guide us. We work in a pragmatic, step-by-step way and expect an adventure full of challenges.

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Our journey so far wouldn’t have been possible without the support by many friends and partners. We are deeply thankful to those who contributed with generosity, heart and expertise to the development of MISOGI DOGI.

Misogi Dogi


Amber Vriends, Anna Perrottet, Anton de Wit, the Barras family, Bernhard Koppenborg, Björn Buri, Burga Fillery, Corine van Sonsbeek, the Durut family, Etsuko Fukuhara, Fridolin Schuster, Goro Watanabe, Jan Noordijk, Jascha Kornecki, Jochen Knau, Jonathan Leupert, Lisa Beck, Markus Wohler, Minami Iida, Rene Habraken, Sandra Delpierre, Todd Grimason, Thorsten Harms, Till Heinritz, Vikor Hörig and many many more!