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Misogi Dogi is on pause

Dear clients, dear friends, As a visitor of this page, you might wonder: what's going on here? Where can I set my order? Well, to cut a long story short: Misogi Dogi is on pause and currently (...)

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Crowdfunding Campaign ends successfully

We are thrilled to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for sustainable aikidogi has ended successfully! We have collected 128 pre-orders within the last three months. Many aikido fellows gave us (...)

According to aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, misogi is at the heart of aikido. Misogi is a Shinto purification practice opening the path to inner and universal harmony.

We believe the budo spirit is meant to be applied beyond the tatami, encompassing all human relationships and our impact on the environment. MISOGI DOGI’s first project is to develop pure uniforms.

These will be made with respect for the environment and workers: made from organic cotton and made fair-trade in Europe. Soon, you can wear MISOGI DOGI uniforms and fully immerse yourself in budo spirit.

Create each day anew by clothing yourself with Heaven and Earth,
bathing yourself with Wisdom and Love,
and placing yourself in the Heart of Mother Nature.

Ueshiba Morihei