Prototypes on Tour



Big news, big milestone: We just received the newest prototypes… and they are wonderful! We would love to show them to you. In the next days and weeks, we will make a tour to various dojos and seminars. So, here a few dates when and where you can see, touch and try on the prototypes – and give us feedback:

18-19 October – Christian Tissier seminar in Berlin
21 October – Zentrum für Harmonische Bewegung in Berlin
23 October – Dojo Aikido Zen in Berlin
26 October – Dojo Aikido Unlimited in Uster
27 October – Aikido Dojo Belp
29-30 October – Gerd Walter seminar in Würzburg
31 October – Tenchi Kan in Solothurn
3 November – Dojo Aikido Bümpliz
5 November – Miles Kessler seminar in Berlin
11 November – Yama Biko no Michi Aikido Dojo in Lyss
14 November – Dojo Aikido Zürich
18 November – Dead Sea Seminar 2016 in Israel – thank you Urs!
19 November – Nobuyuki Watanabe seminar in Berlin
24 November – Centre Tao in Lausanne

The tour will also be an opportunity to check which size fits best to you. We have developed a size system taking into account not only body sizes, but also body shapes. Whether you are long and slim, ‚normal‘ or short and strong, you’ll certainly find a uniform that fits to you.

The roadshow calendar will be updated regularly. If you miss a meeting opportunity for you, please write me a message and lets arrange one.