Prototypes – Pictures & Learnings



The prototypes’ tour has been a real pleasure so far: it’s very rewarding to finally see the result of such a long development process: uniforms fitting well to very different aikidoka.

While with a serial production, we will never be able to satisfy everyone, the feedback was mostly very positive. Some even didn’t want to give the prototypes back!

We got important feedback and adapted our offer accordingly. For example, we were going to offer only one model with a jacket made of traditional rice grain fabric (judogi style). As this fabric is not available on the fabric market, we used a light waffle fabric for the prototypes. However, quite a few fellows loved this super soft and light fabric and asked for no other. Waffle fabric is soft but robust, very absorbent and drying quickly, and quite resistant to tearing and rubbing. It will certainly be most convenient for hot summer days or travelling to seminars. So, we will start with two jacket types: one made of rice grain canvas and one made of light waffle fabric.

Other fellows asked for an elastic waistband instead of drawstrings waistband and for shorter or longer sleeves. Fortunately, our manufacture is very flexible and service oriented and we can also meet these requests.

Now, we are in the final steps of preparing the webshop and will launch pre-orders in exactly one week. Are you ready?