HAPPY 2018



2017 has been a very intense year for Misogi Dogi. 180 keikogis or jackets were pre-ordered, 100 light aikido uniforms and karategis were delivered. The production was much more challenging than we expected, despite careful preparation. Everything took much more time, beyond imagination. And, as if it wasn’t complex enough, we had to move the company from Berlin to Switzerland this summer, during the production.

Fortunately, we were blessed with the most friendly pioneer clients: we received messages full of endless support and patience. We are deeply grateful for the huge trust you set in us. You made Misogi Dogi happen. Thank you very much!

And fortunately, all the effort and waiting seems worthwhile: The feedback we received so far was very positive. This one came in recently:

Hello! Due to illness I haven’t had time to try out my new gi until recently. It fits perfectly and it’s so comfortable! It’s like a dream after my clumsy judo gi I used before! Thank you so much, and give my best regards to the charming ladies on that postcard. I will do my best to honor their work and give my very best performance when I’m wearing this gi. I will no longer be able to excuse myself by saying the gi got in the way of my movements after all. Best regards

We are very grateful for every feedback, it boosts our motivation to face the numerous challenges and, for critical feedback, helps us to improve our products.

As for the clients still waiting for their aikidogi: the first jacket prototypes made of sashiko (=rice grain fabric) are very nice. We test washed them several times, they shrink by 7-8 %. The pattern maker is currently adapting the patterns of 11 sizes accordingly. Production is ongoing and will take another few weeks.

We are looking forward to deliver many keikogi made from organic cotton in 2018 too. In the meantime, we wish you all a wonderful year 2018 full of bliss, health, love and fulfilling training.