The following 6 principles guide our action

[euhoverbox heading=”Quality & Design” img=”svg:quality.svg”]MISOGI DOGI uniforms areĀ meeting highest quality standards to ensure a long-lasting durability and comfortable fit.[/euhoverbox]
[euhoverbox heading=”Organic & Healthy” img=”svg:organic.svg”]MISOGI DOGI uniforms areĀ organic: made from natural resources, without hazardous chemicals, for a sound environment and good health.[/euhoverbox]
[euhoverbox heading=”Fair Trade” img=”svg:fairtrade.svg”]MISOGI DOGI puts a special emphasis on fair labour conditions all along the supply chain.[/euhoverbox]
[euhoverbox heading=”Climate Friendly” img=”svg:climate.svg”]MISOGI DOGI strives at minimizing its carbon emissions effectively and efficiently. The first step is already done: this website and our offices are running on renewable energies.[/euhoverbox]
[euhoverbox heading=”Transparent” img=”svg:transparent.svg”]Every product has a history. MISOGI DOGI strives for transparency about the origin and production methods of all its products.[/euhoverbox]
[euhoverbox heading=”Together” img=”svg:together.svg”]MISOGI DOGI is a European brand founded by budo practitioners for budo practitioners. We invite you to an open exchange of ideas and feedback.[/euhoverbox]

These are the goals and principles that guide us. We work in a pragmatic, step-by-step way and expect an adventure full of challenges.

You can follow our journey on our blog