The aikido community is very diverse: from the athletic young lad to the soft and round auntie, her super tall and slim sister, the stronger-than-ever uncle and the grandpa in his best shape. We developed a system of 10 sizes covering not only different body sizes, but also taking into account various body shapes: for each body size (160cm – 170cm – 180cm – 190cm), you can chose between slim, medium and large. (Size chart with measures is featured on our webshop). You can always select jacket and pants sizes separately. This allows for advanced aikidoist to combine their optimal jacket size with shorter pants, such as to keep them hidden under the hakama.


We too hate to see our uniforms shrink in our washing machines. We requested the weaving mills to do their best to avoid any fabric shrinkage after delivery. However, it seems to be inevitable that this kind of cotton fabrics shrink. We have thus adapted the cut to ensure the best fit after washing.

A Misogi Dogi uniform can be washed at 60°C. We recommend not to do it too often to preserve the fabric and the environment. If your training was intense, the best is to wash your uniform immediately at a low temperature. But every now and then and particularly after a few days of seminar without washing opportunity, a laundry at 60°C may be necessary and shall be alright.