Price & Costs


We aim at a fair price. One way to express this is by setting a single price independently of the size you chose: size ‘190cm large’ costs the same as a ‘160cm slim’. Because, should someone pay more because she or he happened to grow bigger? No. We love you just the way you are.

We also aim at cost transparency. This is how we calculated the price of an aikidogi:

cost calculation behind an aikidogi

These categories include:

  • fabric: fabrics and labels
  • sewing: sewing
  • logistics and taxes: further production costs such as for shipping the fabric to the workshop, import and export taxes, shipping the gis to the stock in Switzerland etc.
  • development: design development, fabric agent fees, producing prototypes, setting up the communication including the website, coaching fees
  • administration: communication, customer relationship, hosting the website, bank fees, bookkeeping, taxes etc.
  • risk: a small buffer for surprise situations

The price was set low compared to production costs to stay accessible to a majority of aikidoists. It covers mostly external costs and hardly covers any of the work by the core team for Misogi Dogi. All founders are making a living from their further professional activities. This means Misogi Dogi is not economically sustainable as of today, which is not surprising for a start up.

Misogi Dogi is a social business aiming first of all at creating non-monetary value: offer aikido equipment that is in line with the spirit of aikido and raise awareness that there are many ways to take the aikido spirit beyond the tatami mats. If you have any question related to price and costs, don’t hesitate to contact us.