The Fabric

Light-Medium Weight

Judogi Style

GOTS Certified

Organic Cotton

Soft White

According to our survey results and our observation on the tatami, most of us like to wear a single layer, light-medium weight judogi style uniform with a jacket made of rice grain (sashiko) and diamond (hishizashi) canvas. These fabrics were not available in organic cotton and have been weaved exclusively for Misogi Dogi. For the prototypes, we had to use a different type of fabric, but with the correct color:

Misogi Dogi uniforms are made of partially bleached cotton to achieve a beautiful, soft white tone while maintaining a high fiber quality. Because whatever the method used, the more a fabric is bleached, the more the fiber quality diminishes.

Misogi Dogi uniforms are made of GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. GOTS is the world wide leading certification for sustainable textiles: all along the supply chain, from the cotton seed to the finishing mill, only environmental friendly, natural methods are used to grow the cotton and produce the fabric, without genetically modified organisms and without harmful chemicals.

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