Misogi Dogi is on pause



Dear clients, dear friends,

As a visitor of this page, you might wonder: what’s going on here? Where can I set my order?

Well, to cut a long story short: Misogi Dogi is on pause and currently has no offer. After a successful launch and first production of more than 200 budo uniforms made of organic cotton in Europe, turning Misogi Dogi into a daily business still requires a lot of time and energy resources. Unfortunately, these have not been available in the last couple of years. It is unclear as of today whether we will relaunch at all. If you wish to contribute to the work behind the stage, please feel free to contact us.

Meanwhile, we invite you to discover our website, read our blog, and discover the wonderful world of Misogi Dogi. You will find insights into the spiritual purification ceremonies called misogi and their connection to aikido. You will find a series of articles on the environmental, social and economic impacts of budo uniforms. You will also find a documentation of my visits to cotton textile production sites in Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegowina. Enjoy!

Thank you for your understanding and best regards,