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The sustainable karategi, developed by European champion Marko Marffy. He has chosen an innovative cut for the trousers, which guarantees comfort and a maximum of agility when wearing them. The jacket is traditionally cut. Ribbons are reinforced, so they won’t rip off and keep your gi tight for many years. A second layer on the back makes sure, that the gi won’t stick to your skin even when sweating. Made from organic cotton and made fairtrade in Europe. Size system including slim, medium and large sizes for each body height for a perfect fit and best comfort.

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This lightweight karate uniform is made of 100% organic cotton. We have decided to invest into best materials in order to give your dogi an extraordinary sensation. It is absorbent, quick drying, robust and feels still very soft.
The fabric is soft white and meets all standards of a common karate gi.
Made from organic cotton & fair trade in Europe.

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Our size system takes into account your body height and also your body shape. You don't need to fit into your dogi, your dogi shall fit to you.

We offer different dogi sizes for a perfect fit

sizes 160 cm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm
slim 160 cm slim 170 cm slim 180 cm slim
medium 160 cm medium 170 cm medium 180 cm medium 190 cm medium
large 170 cm large 180 cm large 190 cm large

The medium sizes correspond to classic karategi sizes. Choose slim if your gi is always too wide/short and large if your gi is always too tight/long.

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We are currently collecting preorders. We expect production to last 6 months.

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The uniforms will be shipped from Germany/Switzerland.

We offer following shipping options

type price comment
shipping to Germany 8 EUR incl. free returns
shipping to EU countries 15 EUR no toll
shipping to CH & NO 20 EUR
shipping to rest of world 40 EUR + toll & taxes


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