MISOGI DOGI consists of a team of passionate aikido and karate practitioners from Switzerland, deeply grateful for receiving support of a diverse international martial arts’ community.

[euhoverbox heading=”Lucile Barras” subheading=”Founder” img=””]Entrepreneur • Environmentalist • AikidokaPracticing aikido since 1998 • spent an exchange year in Tanabe, Japan • speaks French, German, English & Japanese • based in Bern • Email: • Skype: lucilebarras[/euhoverbox]

[euhoverbox heading=”Jascha Barras” subheading=”Team ” img=””]Aikidoka • Cultural Scientist & Textual ScholarshipPracticing Aikido since 1997 • speaks German, English & French • based in Bern • Email: [/euhoverbox]

[euhoverbox heading=”David Oreiro” subheading=”Creative Director” img=””]Entrepreneur • Creative Director • AikidokaFounder and Creative Director of Advertisement Agency Sichtfeld • practicing aikido since 2005 • speaks German, Spanish and English • based in Solothurn[/euhoverbox]

[euhoverbox heading=”Marko Marffy” subheading=”Karate” img=””]Entrepreneur • Chief Karate InstructorFounder of Maru Dojo in Bern and of Enso Shop • European Karate Champion • practicing karate-do since 1989 and kobudo since 2003 • spent a year in Okinawa • speaks German and English • based in Bern[/euhoverbox]

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